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Berrylicious Duffeyrolls Ship a 2 Pack

$28.00 USD

With a little bit of sweet and a little bit of tangy, our Berrylicious duo takes you on a flavorful Colorado Taste Adventure. One pan of Raspberry Lemon Duffeyrolls paired with one pan of Strawberry Dark Chocolate Duffeyrolls gives you a variety of Berry-filled deliciousness fresh baked from your oven. Ship to friends and family throughout Colorado or Nationwide. 

Our Bake at Home pans work their magic straight from your freezer- spreading the amazing aromas of fresh Duffeyrolls throughout your house in 18 minutes!

Filled with fresh raspberries rolled into our proprietary flaky, buttery dough and drizzled with tangy lemon glaze, our Raspberry Lemon rolls are full of bright, springtime deliciousness! Enjoy a decadent treat in our Strawberry Dark Chocolate rolls, filled with fresh strawberries and topped with dark chocolate & strawberry glaze.